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Lucky Whitehead’s Dog Kidnapped, Ultimately Returned

Dallas Cowboys receiver Lucky Whitehead received some bad news late Monday afternoon. His beloved dog, Blitz, was kidnapped from a friend’s possession while Whitehead was away in Florida. Whitehead first broke the news of his kidnapped puppy on Instagram, and then in an interview with KXAS-TV, Dallas.

Whitehead reported that the kidnapper has reached out to him numerous times through his phone. Asking Lucky “how much does the dog mean to you?” and telling him he would have to “cut a check” to ensure the dog’s return.

Although Blitz has now safely been returned (Whitehead posted a video of the dogs return on Snapchat at 2:30 A.M Tuesday morning), Whitehead believes the kidnapping was an inside job. Considering the kidnapping occurred while he was out of state, he has a strong case!

In addition to the kidnapping of Blitz, Lucky reported that he had some shoes stolen as well, but expressed he never cared about that. He only wanted Blitz returned safely.

There seems to be a lot of mystery surrounding the actual return of Blitz. Although it was reported that Lucky was asked to pay 10K for his dogs, return, Whitehead claims that he and the kidnapper agreed on an undisclosed amount. A rapper known as Boogotti Kasino tweeted out a video late Monday night of a dog Lucky Whitehead confirmed to be Blitz. It appeared at first that Kasino was incriminating himself, while a man in the video told Whitehead that he owed him money.  Although Kasino later tweeted  “bro u know I didn’t steal yo dog u can come get yo dog back i was just asking for my money back that I spend on the dawg.”  NBC5 reported that Lucky didn’t have to pay for the dog’s return after all, so who knows what actually transpired last night.

Regardless of what actually happened, the important thing is that Blitz has been safely returned home. Lucky posted a video of Blitz as recently as 9:30 Tuesday morning, further assuring Cowboy nation that all is well. “Blitz Whitehead” has his own Instagram page, and Lucky takes him everywhere. Lets hope the emotional support Blitz provides helps him out on the football field.

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